The I-LEAD Society Pledge

All members of the I-LEAD Society make the following pledge. As a member of the I-LEAD Society, I recognize that my life has a sacred meaning and purpose and that my work during my life embraces discovery of that meaning and fulfillment of that purpose. Toward that end, on a daily basis, I pledge to dedicate myself to these efforts:

  • To understand and to speak the truth
  • To follow through on my commitments
  • To continue to learn throughout my life
  • To appreciate my unlimited potential for development and impact
  • To become more self aware and aware of reality
  • To become more loving and kind
  • To become more spiritually engaged and inspired
  • To courageously choose my own destiny
  • To work with others to create what our souls, minds, and hearts perceive to be beautiful
  • Together with others, to show courage in overcoming obstacles, setbacks and limitations
  • To never give up
  • To grow in wisdom
  • Through creative collaboration, to help others achieve all of the aspirations set forth in this pledge.
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