Our Core Values

These are the core values of the I-LEAD Society:

    1. Integrity (commitment to telling the truth and to living out our highest moral aspirations in practice);
    2. Benevolence (commitment to promoting peaceful, positive, prosocial outcomes for individuals, families and the community as a whole through constructive engagement that promotes unity and social justice);
    3. Compassion (commitment to demonstrating practical care and concern for one another so as to alleviate suffering);
    4. Wellness and well-being (commitment to strive to develop physical and mental health through diet, exercise and prosocial activities that allow individuals and families to lead joyful lives and to reach their full potential for service, creativity and happiness);
    5. Purpose-driven self actualization leading to positive engagement with community (commitment to develop individual and organizational leadership that helps all members of the community achieve shared economic, social and spiritual success); and
    6. Intergroup respect, understanding, solidarity and cooperation.
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